NBC TV Show the Biggest Loser VIT D3 & VIT K2

A little bit of math: What does D3 + K2 + probiotics equal?

Answer: 3 in 1 high-potency preventive health in just 1 daily dose.

Researched and recommended for: Preventive bone & tendon & ligament health, irritable bowel syndrome, digestion, nutrient absorption, blood sugar, fatigue, blood flow… 

 Pearl size (half the size of a dime) for easy swallowing.

 No yeast, soy, eggs, lactose, gluten, wheat, nuts, sugar, preservatives, or other silly nonsense.

 93% satisfaction rate..

 Time-released over 8+ hours for better absorption and bypassing the stomach acid.


It doesn’t matter how much calcium you consume in your diet, because vitamin D controls its absorption rate.

The lower your vitamin D level is in your body, the lower the calcium absorption rate will be.

This explains why so many people are prone to broken bones (hips) and other issues later in life,
although they had a good diet of calcium all of their life.

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Vitamins AND a probiotic in one small, easily swallowed pill

By Ashley, on June 25 2016

I like that this has vitamins AND a probiotic in one pill. The supplements are small and easy to swallow, so even my 6 year old swallowed one with ease. I would definitely buy this product in the future because I can get my whole family to take these, even my kids.

Thank you, Ashley! We are a small, but mighty company, so your support will help keep us going!

Think about this:

If you consume plenty of calcium for strong bones, but you don’t have enough vitamin D in your body, you are just as vulnerable to age-related broken bones as the ones who do not consume enough calcium.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

To our loyal shoppers – who continue to buy our leading all-probiotic + prebiotic supplement – many of you want an extra kick to it, so we have added 5,000 IU of D3 and 150 mcg of K2.

Hey, you’re welcome!

When it comes to your health concerns, be it blood sugar, fatigue, blood flow, the immune system, focus and memory, digestion and irritable bowel syndrome…

we’ve got your back – and your gut!

That’s great! But what is D3 and K2, and how can these help me feel better, and help me with healthy aging?

Okay, let’s start with D3. And yes, we’ll be brief.

Look at the label on any bottle of vitamin D and you’ll probably D3 listed as the main ingredient. That’s because although multiple forms of D exist, D3 is the strongest acting. It is produced by your skin when ultraviolet rays from the sun hit it.

And what’s K2?

There is a trio of K vitamins. K1 is found in leafy vegetables, K2 is formed by probiotic bacteria in your small intestine. K3 is a synthetic.

So let’s forget about K3!

In a nutshell, vitamins D3 and K2 give, basically, the same health benefits. But they are stronger together in part by increasing each other’s chemical bases for health issues in regard to plaque buildup in the brain and arteries, in addition to inflammation, and, hormone response to ailments.

See the simple science studies

A 3 in 1 daily dose of feeling good…
along with preventive health for the young and old mature

When we say that this is an all in one daily dose of good health, we mean it.

The combination of 5,000 IU of D3, 150 mcg of K2 and multiple strains of probiotics – along with a healthy diet and lifestyle – plays very important roles for healthy aging and in aiding…

heart disease
certain cancers

brain disorders
muscle weakness
high blood pressure
autoimmune diseases
attention deficit disorder

Can you really put a price on good health? Well, not really. But we like to keep our prices down low for your budget.

Try a 90 day supply for a trial run of 365 days for $18.87. 20 cents a day!

Then let us know how it works for you. We want to hear from you!



Vitamin D resembles more of a hormone than a vitamin by function.

Hormones are chemical messengers that interact with cell receptors to produce specific biological responses.
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A picture is worth a thousand words. But your good health is priceless.

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From Valeri R.
Thank you, Valeri {{HUG}}!

From Selena Perry
And thank you, Selena {{HUG}}!

At 20 cents a day, this preventive-health supplement
saves you money
and space in your throat.

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